it made me really happy actually

some storyboards in progress plus a weird perspective grid

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"Oh man, can we just stay exactly like this for the rest of our lives?

lady dis

i’m kind of on a hobbit/lotr kick (marathoning lotr and rereading hobbit) and i was just trying to doodle a lady dwarf and it all spiraled. idk i imagine princess dis to be at once softer and harder than thorin — lacking his bluster and rage, but keeping his majesty

i think too much about dwarves, guys.

"i hear her. she’s saying… she’s saying, she’s okay to go."


the good and evil list of all Andy Daly CBB characters


  • Dalton Wilcox
  • Hot Dog
  • Bill Carter
  • August Lindt
  • Patrick McMahon
  • Clive Dundee
  • Nurse Andi Callahan  


  • Chip Gardner
  • Gil & Golly (especially Golly)
  • Don Dimello
  • Byron Denison
  • Danny Mahoney
  • Ben Alterman
  • Cactus Tony

my little brother is a rockstar

(submission for the herschel ‘drawing on the past’ thing because i really want a bag and also i wanted an excuse to draw my little brother)



orig gifs here

Rafi Mantzoukas on Kroll Show is a sight to behold!